Put Your Best Foot Forward When it Comes to First Impressions

If you don’t think the first impression you give your perspective clients isn’t important, think back to a time when you felt let down as you approached a business. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your services or products are if new customers see the outside of your building and wonder if they aren’t making a huge mistake. Once that thought enters their mind, you have to work twice as hard to impress them. Use the following tips to avoid a bad first impression.

The Building

If you own the building, you will have a lot more control over this. Make sure windows are not broken, doors function properly, and the siding doesn’t need paint or repairs. Fix any loose shingle immediately. If you rent, you still have a responsibility to your exterior. Keep walkways swept and remove trash from the parking lot.


The landscaping doesn’t have to be over the top. It simply needs to be attractive, neat, and well kept. Those that are lucky enough to have a green thumb can do much of the work themselves, but others will find they need some help. Summer and winter garden landscaping for businesses is offered from several landscaping professionals like Millennium Grounds & Waters.

The Entrance

Make sure that above all else your entry way is inviting. A mat both outside of the door and where customers enter will trap dirt and water. Keep glass doors and windows wiped down to remove fingerprints and spotting from the rain. Use things like potted plants to frame the door nicely. This adds a homey touch that will make your business stand out among the rest.

By paying a little more attention to the outside of your business, you will be gaining potential customers’ trust immediately. They’ll know they made the right decision by choosing you for their needs, and you will have a business you can feel proud of.