Lets face it. Looking our best is important, but can be a costly endeavour if not done with savings on the mind. It seems like every trip to the mac store or sephora can costs hundreds of dollars. And lets not even get started on the outrageous prices they charge at salons for a root touch up. All of these expenses just to look good can leave one asking “How can I save money on cosmetics and beauty products without sacrificing my image and sense of personal style”. Thankfully, you need not worry any longer. This helpful guide will give you some handy tips for getting the most out of your beauty budget.

Always make sure to check online for deals on make up.

It can seem odd to shop for things like make up online, but lets face it, we usually stick to a few basic items when it comes to our make up routine and we don’t normally deviate very drastically from these items. Store like Birchbox are a great place to start looking for savings when you are buying make up. It’s the same make up you know and love but at a lower cost and without the driving and trip to the mall. Consider purchasing make up online next time you run low.

Visit a beauty school for a new hair style

Getting a haircut can be expensive. Salons dont make money by being cheap. A trip to the salon can cost in upwards of two hundred dollars. Did you know that you can go to a beauty school and get high quality hair cut for a fraction of the price you would pay in a salon? Since the students are still learning they are supervised constantly. If you are apprehensive about letting a trainee cut your hair you may stop in and give an up do a test run. It will be a great learning experience for them and you will leave with a brand new look that requires not cutting at all. Try out this great Idea for easy savings.