Easy Tips for Writing an Effective Real Estate Ad

One can always target their potential home-buyers with an effective real estate ad. With number of listings provided to shoppers, it is very difficult to grab their attention on a particular ad. They jump from one listing to another in a time span of few seconds. First impression is always the last impression, and your ad is also the first contact you have with your potential home-buyer. So it has to be very engaging and clearly written. Real estate content writing Jobs is no rocket science, but just an art which can be easily attained if you keep in mind some important points.


  1. Write a catchy headline

This is the most important point which real estate content writers should keep in mind. Your headline would decide if a reader would continue reading your ad or not. So it must be attractive enough to grab the attention of potential buyers. Moreover the headline should be relevant and should match the matter of rest of the ad.

  1. Strong opening statement

The opening statement of your listing should be very strong and should necessitate the reader to read the whole of it. It should start with a sentence which describes your ad in a proper manner.

  1. Don’t exaggerate

While writing an ad, the real estate content writers should not exaggerate much. It should be to the point and must not include any false promises. If you write something which your property does not include, then that would result in an unsatisfied customer.

creative-writing 1

  1. Avoid typing mistakes

Spelling mistakes are a disaster when writing ads. Real estate writers should make it a point to check their listing 2-3 times before finalizing it. A typo can ruin the feel of the ad while a potential buyer is reading it.

  1. Make it creative

If you need to stand out from the crowd then your listing should be creative enough. It should be written in a creative manner while describing the property. Use better words to make it look more professional.

  1. Always mention pricing

It is very important to mention an estimated price in your listing. Excluding the pricing information often mislead the potential customers into thinking that the property would be very expensive.

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  1. Include contact information

Your ad should include your contact information in several ways like mobile number, email address or Skype id. Different customers are comfortable with different means of talking. While some would like to have a chat with you, others would be interested in an official mail.

  1. Don’t forget the laws

While writing an ad you should also keep in mind the housing laws of your country. For example if you make any false claims about your property, you could end up in jail.