Easy and Affordable Weekend Makeover Ideas

If you’re ready to give your home a fresh new look, consider some easy, affordable weekend makeover ideas. For minimal costs and a day or two of work, you can give your home updated style with a designer’s touch.

New Paint

Fresh paint always adds new life to a room by instantly creating a feeling of clean surfaces. Whether you prefer light or dark color shades, you can create design appeal that looks like you broke the bank.

* Romantic Ambiance – Create stunning, romantic ambiance in the bedroom with soft shades of rose, lilac or teal. To add bold touches, install crown moulding in a deep purple, dark gray or black. To add glamour, use touches of silver or gold in mirrors, throw pillows and candles.

* Bold Contrast – Make a bold statement in the dining room by painting your ceiling a contrasting color. Dark colors like charcoal, chocolate and navy look beautiful with light reflected from a chandelier. If you really want a wow factor, use a high-gloss lacquer paint with a sheen.

*Visual Interest – Create visual interest in the kids’ rooms by painting stripes on the walls or ceilings. Using painter’s tape, paint thin stripes for a traditional look or wide stripes for a more modern look. You can paint vertical or horizontal stripes, but leave a minimum of one foot of white space between stripes for maximum effect.

New Lighting

New lighting is an easy, affordable way to quickly update your home’s style. There are hundreds of fixtures available in various styles, sizes, colors and prices that can be installed in just a few minutes. If you’re handy, you can change fixtures out yourself, but make sure the electricity is off before you begin.

* Ceiling Fixtures – Flush mount ceiling fixtures, recessed spots, chandeliers and pendants can give rooms an instant style change. Install a beautiful chandelier over the dining room table or stylish pendants over the kitchen counters or center island. If you like the clean appeal of recessed spots, talk to local remodeling contractor or qualified electrician about installation.

* Wall Fixtures – Wall sconces create a lot of atmosphere in any room. They add soft, low levels of light that create a unique glow. Glass sconces over the buffet in the dining room will add comfortable candlelight ambiance for dinner parties. Metal sconces in brass, pewter and wrought iron will lend touches of natural, organic elements to the room.