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A Brief Guide to Functional Fine Art

The term “fine art” is very broad; it can be applied to everything from Monet’s Water Lilies to Ansel Adam’s photographs of Yosemite. Usually, however, the term refers to works that are made for purely aesthetic purposes. Monet’s Water Lilies are designed to be hung on the wall and admired. Functional fine art, on the other hand, combines aesthetics with utility. A decorated Chinese vase, for example, may be beautiful, but it can also be used to display flowers. Ahead, learn more about the history of functional art.


The Bauhaus school was founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, an architect who wanted to merge art and craft. This movement proved highly influential, and its core philosophy—to combine design aesthetics and mass production—still inspires artists today. Notable Bauhaus works include the Bauhaus building in Dessau, the Wassily Chair, Universal Bayer, and Marianne Brandt’s Model No. 49.


In 1932, New York’s Museum of Modern Art opened an Architecture and Design department. This made it one of the first major museums to showcase functional art alongside fine art. Over the decades, this collection has housed everything from helicopters to tableware, effecitvely expanding the definition of art.


Fashion has always married art and function, but over the last few decades, it’s finally been embraced by the artistic community. Every year, the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute hosts an exhibition on the history of fashion art. These exhibitions have celebrated specific designers, like the provocative Alexander McQueen, as well as overarching themes, like the influence of Catholicism on fashion. The continued presence of haute couture collections, from fashion houses like Dior and Chanel, have turned fashion into an art world mainstay. While these collections often feature exuberant ensembles that would look strange in a real world context, they are still meant to be worn, making them a unique intersection between fine art and function.

Functional fine art is now embraced by the art community. It can be seen in major museums, purchased in stores, and found in closets. Only time will tell what functional artists have in store for us next.

Use a Contemporary Fireplace to Complement Your Home Design

Upgrading or renovating your home can be a fun project, but the options are limitless. One simple way to upgrade the vibe of any room in your home is to add a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace can also add style and sophistication to your backyard and patio. Consider the following three ideas in your next home upgrade project.

Indoor Gas Fireplace
Consider using a gas fireplace to brighten up any indoor space in your home. Gas fireplaces come in various designs including modern, contemporary or traditional. Modern gas fireplaces come in unlimited finishes. They provide a frameless fire and have integrated accessories. The modern style comes in a corner design which creates multiple views throughout the room. The contemporary design comes in portrait or linear design which allows you to incorporate it into rooms of any size. This design can also be double-sided which is perfect for a bedroom or living area. The traditional design gas fireplace comes in many sizes and shapes that can blend in perfectly into any room and make it feel cozy. To keep these going for the long-term, you simply need to replace the gas insert. Gas fireplace insert Washington DC can be purchased by your local fireplace supplier.

Outdoor gas fireplace
Hosting an outdoor party will never be the same again once you have an outdoor gas fireplace installed. The versatile outdoor version is designed to amaze, entertain and turn your outdoor space into an oasis. One unique design is the outdoor gas firetable which is ideal for entertaining a small group. If adding a focal point to your outdoor entertainment area is your goal, the large plateau outdoor burner creates a dramatic and unforgettable view. Other outdoor gas fireplace designs virtually extend your living space into the outdoors with a relaxing vibe ready for enjoyment.

Ultimately, when you are planning a home upgrade project or remodel, consider incorporating an indoor or outdoor gas fireplace into your design. These fireplaces can complement your existing design themes and also add a focal point to indoor or outdoor areas that may need sprucing up.

Put Your Best Foot Forward When it Comes to First Impressions

If you don’t think the first impression you give your perspective clients isn’t important, think back to a time when you felt let down as you approached a business. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your services or products are if new customers see the outside of your building and wonder if they aren’t making a huge mistake. Once that thought enters their mind, you have to work twice as hard to impress them. Use the following tips to avoid a bad first impression.

The Building

If you own the building, you will have a lot more control over this. Make sure windows are not broken, doors function properly, and the siding doesn’t need paint or repairs. Fix any loose shingle immediately. If you rent, you still have a responsibility to your exterior. Keep walkways swept and remove trash from the parking lot.


The landscaping doesn’t have to be over the top. It simply needs to be attractive, neat, and well kept. Those that are lucky enough to have a green thumb can do much of the work themselves, but others will find they need some help. Summer and winter garden landscaping for businesses is offered from several landscaping professionals like Millennium Grounds & Waters.

The Entrance

Make sure that above all else your entry way is inviting. A mat both outside of the door and where customers enter will trap dirt and water. Keep glass doors and windows wiped down to remove fingerprints and spotting from the rain. Use things like potted plants to frame the door nicely. This adds a homey touch that will make your business stand out among the rest.

By paying a little more attention to the outside of your business, you will be gaining potential customers’ trust immediately. They’ll know they made the right decision by choosing you for their needs, and you will have a business you can feel proud of.

Getting an Appliance Repaired

Having an appliance break down when you really need to use it is something that most people will need to deal with at some point. It is at a time like this when knowing a great appliance repair company really comes in handy. All you need to do is open a phone book or go online to see all of the companies that are involved in the appliance repair industry. However, you must not be fooled into thinking that all of these places are generally the same. Some repair technicians are much more skilled than others. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you need to hire someone to repair your broken appliance.

1. Try to find a company that is available at many different times.

Having to deal with a repair company that is only available during regular business hours can be very annoying and frustrating. Appliances can break at any time on any day. You should not have to wait until Monday to have an appliance fixed that breaks on Friday night. Sub Zero appliance repair Miami is an example of a company that is available every day of the year including holidays. Finding a company with this level of availability can allow you to get your appliance fixed very quickly if you need it for a party or other social gathering.

2. You should find out what the Better Business Bureau rating is for any appliance repair company you are thinking about hiring.

The BBB rating of an appliance repair company will tell you a lot about the quality of service you can expect if you hire them. They consider a wide range of info about a company before they give it a rating. Therefore, you can trust that an appliance repair company with an A+ rating from the BBB is the best that the industry has to offer. Avoid hiring a company with a bad rating just to save a little cash. This is not a good idea.

3. Make sure the repair technician you hire has been on the job for at least four years.

Find out about the repair technician the company is sending to your home. How much experience does he have? Ask the company to send one of their most seasoned veterans to repair your appliance. He will fix your appliance right the first time.

Commercial Architectural Design Firm

Does great design matter, or is it just a luxury indulged in by arty types who like to focus solely on the surface of things? The truth is that great architecture and great interior design really do matter, which is why so many major corporations invest so much time, thought and money into the design of their commercial spaces.

Great design has an impact on a person’s moods and emotions, which means it also affects the way a person thinks and spends money. Design affects how a person feels about themselves, too, and by extension, how they feel about the company whose office they are in. All of this is why smart companies will choose to work with a commercial architectural design firm that has received the highest possible reviews from other clients, and that has a track record based on always getting it right.

Working Together

When a company chooses to retain a top design firm, they are entering into an important partnership. The design team they work with will have the job of translating a company’s philosophy and mission statement into a physical brand. The company’s mission will be felt in the way the office looks and feels, from the color scheme to the wall coverings to the furniture, flooring and wall decor.

From Brainstorm To Plans To Completion

As the project begins, the design team will meet with the client to brainstorm ideas and then begin developing the initial design scheme. This scheme will be reworked and refined as meetings continue, until the schematic drawings are finally finished. From there, the construction of the space will begin, all under the supervision of the dedicated design team.

When the space is finally complete and every detail has been polished, it will be a place that makes every visitor feel the confidence of the corporate brand within it. That’s how a great interior design speaks for a company and gives the brand real weight and prestige. It is worth all the work involved? Yes it is. Great design matters, and if done well, it lasts.