5 Most Desirable Features for Commercial Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are an essential appliance for most restaurants and bars that serve wine products. Being limited on space does not mean you have to settle for lesser quality and function with a wine cooler. Careful selection will prove the best way to find the cooler that serves your needs. Below are five of the more desirable features to look for in your next commercial wine cooler.
Secondary Beverage Containment

Restaurants and bars rarely serve wine only. The need for other cooled beverages, but limited space makes units with a secondary containment area perfect. You can keep different beverages at completely different temperatures with ease. They can be smaller under the counter coolers, or large standalone and wall units.
Dual Temperature Controls

Different wines should be served at specific temperatures. These are not always the same. You do not want to risk offending a customer by serving wines at the wrong temperature. Having a unit with dual temperature settings can eliminate this problem. This is a great way to store wines and different temperatures with space limitations.
LED Lighting

LED lighting provides a crisper, more clean light source than standard bulbs. They are also known to save energy. Keeping your wines on display with LED lights is one way to attract attention and get the sale. It will truly showcase the variety of colors, bottle sizes and clearly display labels on all feature displayed wines.
Secure Locking Doors

There are a few wines that can be quite expensive to replace if they simply turn up missing. Put an end to temptation and get a wine cooler that has locking doors. It is the perfect solution to total wine supply management. You may have avoided offering pricier wines for fear of having product stolen. This will open up a whole new marketing angle for you and your establishment.
Stainless Steel Finish

Much of the kitchen and appliance items for restaurants and bars are stainless steel themed. This makes a wine cooler with a stainless steel finish desireable. It will easily match with already present appliances, counters, sinks, and workstations.

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